Meet David

David and his wife, Melissa, are the proud parents of their 3 children, Mason, Brayden and McKenzie.

Since David is an sports enthusiast, you can bet that he is actively participating in a sport or attending a sporting event on any given day. David played both football and baseball in college at Gustavus. He and his family also enjoy traveling.

David and his team do a great job from start to finish. He keeps you informed every step of the process and is always available to answer any questions. David is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of making you and your family comfortable about the decisions you have made. David is a great resource I use often and will always recommend.
Jeffrey, homeowner

Expertise and Specialties

Super Mortgage Professionals 2014
Super Mortgage Professionals 2015
Super Mortgage Professionals 2016
super mortgage professional 2017
2018 super mortgage professional
SMP 2019